Thursday, September 21, 2006

Little Stelly

Today I watched from afar as Stella played with another child. Or rather, she played near her. This girl was bigger and older. Stella had a little ball she was chewing on and this girl stole it from her. Not that big of a deal. Stella didn't cry. But she unwaveringly pursued that ball and attempted to retrieve it from the bigger girl. She failed. But she eventually stole a toy from a child smaller than herself.

Then tonight she had a bit of a fretful time falling asleep. I think her teeth must hurt her. Usually she cries and wants to be held. Tonight she lay in her crib and stared up at me, mouth agape, forlorned sounds coming from within and slowly sobbed herself unconscious. Kinda makes your heart break.

I prefer to remember her like this:

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Shari said...

Oh my gosh, Stella is stunning! What a beautiful child.

I saw your comment on "truth's" stem cell post and google'd Father Tad. Thanks for recommending.