Monday, November 13, 2006

My Little Chunky Monkey

I know that when I was growing up I thought it was very hard. Now that I'm watching someone else do it, actually helping them do it, I know it's hard. Today Stella had immunization subterfuge, "Stella, look at this book. Look, it's Pooh and Piglet." This is when the nurse deftly plunged two needles into Stella's puny left bicep. May these two memories not be linked in her mind!

Then there's the naps. I love naps. Jamie takes them when necessary. I know many adults who would loved to "be made" to take a nap. Stella does not share my affinity. She cries when she goes down. She cries after twenty minutes of shut-eye. This is her overall napping experience.

There is one thing she does enjoy:

a little downtime with a book in the dog's bed. Nothing repairs the wounds of this world quite like it.


Bethiclaus said...

Ohmigosh! Do you have the Degas book as well? I love it!

(I know that was totally not the point of this post, but whatever.)

Alishia said...

It's a library book! They didn't have Degas, maybe at a different library. I have Cassatt and Monet, too, for now.

Anonymous said...

She's my girly girl. Stella the cutest girl. What a cute picture. H & K


Faith said...

i love her. i dont know her, but i know her and i love her. probably because i think you and jaime are so fabulous. this blog made my day today.

get her and raya to pose together for cutest baby contest.