Friday, February 02, 2007

Lunch Snooze Part II

This time with better lighting!

Every Thursday we go to the library for story time. From 10:15-11:15 we hang out with other moms and kids and sing songs and listen to stories. Then there's time to play with a ton of toys and usually about fifteen other children around Stella's age. Lately, who knows why, Stella has been in dire need of a nap between 10-11am. This interrupts our story time. Halfway through free play Stella will begin a quick downward slide. At that time I perform an extraction.

The library is so close to our house I usually get home before she entirely succumbs to the napping gods. I try to give her some sustenance so as to make her nap last a little longer. Unfortunately, she becomes very quiet and starts to nod. And while I usually put her to bed right away, other times I can't resist recording it for posterity.

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Favorite Aunt Cindy said...

Cute hair cut!