Monday, February 05, 2007

Prairie Dawn, I Have Always Loved You

When I was wee and watched Sesame Street I had some favorite characters. I loved Prairie Dawn. She was so cute and chatty. I thought her hair was nice and she always wore cute clothes.

But then there was Slimey--Oscar's pet worm. I loved him. I loved worms in general. I collected them from the garden and called them Fellas. And I loved the fact that Oscar's worm had a little bed. LOVED IT.

Then there were the Twiddlebugs who lived in Ernie's flower box.

I don't know if I can adequately describe my love and fascination for them and their little world. Perhaps they were my inspiration for making bug hotels. I loved the idea of this small world that existed fully intact within my own world.

Nowadays, I love Sesame Street for another reason. It gives me about one hour each morning to get some chores done without my precious shadow who undoes all my chores. It gives me some time to have some coffee and read my email. Even more, it gives me the opportunity to see some of my old favorites from the Street. Believe it or not, some of those classic little skits, characters and montages are still intact after all these years.

And, by the way, just as I was finishing this up I heard Oscar reading a story and I ran back to the TV room to see Slimey in his bed. And there's a new girl worm named Sloppy. I'm unsure of whether or not she's Slimey's progeny or not, but she had a pony tail.


Faith said...

my favorite was the tap dancer, but then he started doing coke and was in rehab. the other adults creeped me oscar was my fav'.

beats tellatubbies.

bethiclaus said...

My favorite little clip was the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 music pinball montage. Last time I watched (which was admittedly awhile ago), they were still playing it.

*christa said...

remember when we'd rescue hornets from the pool and set up leaf canopies for them to "recoop" under?

*christa said...

I also liked the hardware store skit where the guy goes in and asks for things based on how they a saw.