Friday, May 18, 2007

Being a Law & Order Fan...

I was especially excited when Richard Belzer offered to take Stella to the zoo. As you can see, they had a great time.


raya said...

ahahahaah! Jamie is the best. I had so much fun at your house during my last visit. Hope to do it again soon : )

faithsalutes said...

Hahha. Jamie is Law and you are more like the Order.
Wham Bam.

*christa said...

Stella's foot looks HUGE!

cindy ontiveros said...

Why would you have Stells hang out with social misfit Richard?
He said he was taking her to the zoo?
I say he took her to Minnesoota
in 1942 to Spud Schirms farm.
By the way I don't have your phone number or e-mail.
Bring Stella some Tuesday, oh and you can come too. Hah!
Cindy, Steve's wife.