Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And She Likes to Lick Stuff!

In addition to her continual consumption of dirt, Stella has taken to licking things. She was licking the laptop's power cord last night. (No, not a dangerous part. She won't be electrocuted. I may be laid back but I'm not a ninny.) When I commented on this Jamie said, "She was licking her library books in the car."


And no, I don't think she has pica. It's probably much more boring and pedestrian. She likes to lick. I liked to smell things when I was a kid--new tape, library books, school handouts, etc.

(I've resorted to writing about things like this because the alternative is Cat Stevens-fueled nostalgic ditties that will make you question your existence and that of God. I'm depressing when I reminisce.)


christa said...

school handouts aka dittos... mmmm.

jmgb said...

bring it!

faithsalutes said...

of course she wants you to bring it. hahaha.

Favorite Aunt Cindy said...

I remember dittos to CJ!!! I loved the smeeeel