Monday, January 14, 2008

A Variety of News of No Report

When a small child misses a nap buckle up because it's gonna be nasty.

Jamie and I are usually in agreement about parenting. I say this not because we have talks about it--because we don't really. We're both usually mild and understanding. Tonight was hell-bound because of a missed nap. It doesn't make for pleasant dinner tie, but it's possible to endure.

We don't yell, though we do get frustrated. We don't throw things, though we might want to. We endure. And then one of us usually quips, "My life!" This is a statement that can cover over a multitude of sins.

Someone hogging the coffee corner in the kitchen?

"My life!"

Someone being too slow out the door?

"My life!"

Someone crowding you at the sink?

"My life!"

You get it.

Stella was virtually inconsolable at dinner. She wanted peas. In a bowl. Now out of the bowl. Now milk. Not milk. Now water. Now a plate of food previously refused. Now put her shoe back on.

"My life!"

This is where the like-minded parenting works. We put up with a certain amount of fuss, but when things get excessive Jamie will pick her up remove her shoes and put her in her bed to settle down.

It's nice not to worry about someone being too severe with your child. I don't have to worry about Stella being belittled over a bad dinner. I don't have to worry that Jamie will overreact and throw something in frustration and wind up scaring her disproportionately. It's nice.

This is something good to think about when looking for a partner. Thankfully, I just lucked out because I wasn't with it enough to really consider these things very much.

While the dinner drama played out little Gianna ate her butternut squash and sweet potato mash. I'm thinking how funny it is that she gets to grow up with a chorus of Stella's fits in the background of everyday life. She's quite used to it. It doesn't really ruffle her feathers as long as you continue to shovel in the goods.

In addition to which Jamie will be planting some seeds. He's going to be growing some veggies. Five years ago Jamie was growing veggies and sweet peas at his parents house. When I asked him to bring me some of the flowers he agreed. The only contingency was that I couldn't think that he was, his words, "Pitching woo." Five years ago he had someone else that he was interested in. Five years ago I didn't care. But that's a whole other story...

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