Friday, January 11, 2008

The Results Are In

And things are normal for now. This is good. I can continue getting on with getting on. This is good news. An answer to my prayer.

In other news, we are settling into our post-holiday routine over here. This has been a killer week because Jamie has had parent/teacher conferences for four days in a row. This means very long days for me--oh, and for him, too. One day he left the house before seven and didn't get home until after six. It's days like these I think of my sweet college friend April, also know as Bliss Cake, who has been living this grueling schedule six days a week for more than a year while her husband gets another advanced degree.

There are large communities of women living in apartments or on-campus family housing while they raise the children of said advanced-degree-pursuers. Whenever I consider my position miserable I contemplate them and their position--their patience and perseverance in the long, cold winters of places like South Bend, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois. Little Bliss Cake will be welcoming their third child into their lives any day now.

I say all that not to call their positions miserable. Merely to remember the other ladies in the trenches. Women with husbands who are full-time students. For I shall be joining their ranks in the not-to-distant future. I also extend to them a warm welcome to come to the desert. We have a spare bedroom--for only a short time--feel free to come and nestle yourself in the warmth and go on some walks with us.

In the summer while I am holed-up in the AC down here in the desert I will read of your walks by Lake Michigan and cry tears into a little hanky by my bed. Then I will use some frequent flier miles and flee to the north and visit my dad on his little isle. I hope.


dotchie said...


Tara T. McIlrath said...

I am glad that all things are normal. I really admire and respect you for your attitude. At times you might feel like you don't have it together, but when times like these come, you run to The ONE who will keep you together. The Almighty God hears every prayer and collects every tear and honors them as precious. I will pray and believe that someday a long time from now, you will be holding your children's children AMEN!

Manuela said...

I am so glad to hear that things are normal.
Thanks for referring to me and Julia in your post.

Yes, I often long for blue sky and sunshine during the winter here, but I do like snow.
Brad and I are coming to Arizona in March. I hope that I will get to meet you in person.

Megan VS said...

Such good news! You and Jamie should definitely plan a trip to the midwest this summer, and include us in it. Juliana would love a Stella buddy. ;0) (Felicity is too little to know what a buddy is yet, but Gianna looks like a good kid.)

Julia said...

Hi Alishia. I also just wanted to say thanks for the mention in this post. I grew up in Orlando, so I can relate to the beautiful winter / terrible summer dichotomy. Think of me on your next walk!