Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Home Invasion

Have you ever had fruit flies?

I have them now. They are making me insane. I clean constantly. They don't go away. They multiply. They bug.

I think they're coming from my compost pile. But why hang out in the house? I have cleaned the counter and put every speck of food away for weeks now. I'm exhausted by the siege. Tomorrow my dad is coming to help me move that cursed pile. We'll see how things go.

I got an email from my doctor--"MRI is OK!" His words.

New hair in a bad* photo at the end of a long day:

*"Bad photo" in my world means poorly lit.


faithsalutes said...

You and Amanda...both got it cut short. Hers is a bit longer...and looks great on both of you.

Christa said...

cute hair.
i like the mountains in the background.

Manuela said...

Regarding the picture of Brad: Ha, I laughed out loud the second I saw it. Thanks for putting that up. So dorky!

Regarding your post:
I hope the fruit flies go away and yes, your hair looks great.

cinbad said...

I think your neck looks sexy against your well lit shirt.