Thursday, March 06, 2008

In Other News

Gianna likes to eat food. She doesn't want baby food. She wants apples and macaroni and peas and eggs and all kinds of stuff. She doesn't really want me to feed it to her either. She wants to be left alone. She deigns to allow me to spoon-feed her yogurt in the morning.

The dogs enjoy this tremendously.

Also, did you know that most hoses have lead in them? Apparently so much so that they're required to put a warning label on the hose. I noticed this right before I unwrapped a new hose to water my, supposedly, organic vegetable garden.

You aren't supposed to drink out of these hoses. Neither should you use it to fill your child's swimming pool or a tub for a waterbirth. I will be returning it to Target.

Lead is known to have caused cancer in the state of California. (This is what it says on the warning label.) Especially when the water is warm does the leeching factor increase. I read this while in the state of Arizona with summer fast approaching.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought - when our kids started the "ME do it" action with feeding themselves I wholeheartedly embraced the jumbo size straw. As in: cut a hole in the lid of yogurt/applesauce/enchilada smoothie or what have you and insert jumbo straw. Hand to cranky poor-self-feeder of a child and see how it shakes down. Worked wonders for Mia, not so hot for Hillary. Give it a shot. :) -Jenn