Sunday, March 02, 2008


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With the advent of speech comes many new stories:

In the car this morning Stella is yelling, "Stop it!" and throwing her hands up over her face. We're trying to figure out who she could possible be yelling at. Jamie reasons, "The sun is getting in her face."

And she's telling the sun to "Stop it!"

When she finds something of mine she wants to play with I say no. When that doesn't work I say, "That's Dotchie's"




That settles the matter. She leaves it alone.

Our household's new favorite cereal is Kashi's Autumn Wheat. Stella loves eating cereal. She always says she wants, "Some."

"Some what? What do you want?"

"Some!!!" And she gesticulates wildly toward the box.

"That's called Autumn Wheat. You want some Autumn Wheat?"

"Awnum Wheat?"


"I want some Awnum Wheat."

This is now a very familiar refrain.


allison said...

We sampled some Autumn Wheat at Costco today and I thought of you guys, lazily meandering through a park filled with piles of autumn leaves, the cool wind...

Wait. Not really. I actually just laughed to myself that the cereal is called AUTUMN WHEAT and your comment about the name your house the other day. Almost as funny was the sales pitch the sample lady was givnig to me as we took some cereal: "Yeah, it's really good, organic, cholesterol free, which means trans-fat free, sweet, but not too sweet...let me see here, it has some sweetener but I'm not sure if it's honey or sugar..." I was halfway down the aisle by the time she finished talking.

Also, Carter has been asking me since Friday who lives on Brown Street. When I tell him that Stella does, he says, "Oh yeah, I kissed her... (and then he whispers) but don't tell Daddy."

Christa said...

Dotchie says mommy can use my stuff while I'm gone.