Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Best Day At My House in 2008*

I have just enjoyed ninety minutes of middle-of-the-day solitude WHILE MY CHILDREN SIMULTANEOUSLY SLUMBER! This is a first.

Other things that make it the best day: went to Mass and Stella was good, Gianna cooed and blurbed her way through, a clean house, my freshly cleaned and folded laundry, a soda for no reason, picked some weeds, watered some plants and noticed new plants sprouting from the ground, found Stella some cute flip flops, Stella calls me "Mudder," sister comes in two weeks, friend coming next week, two months from now we will be in San Diego and my dad and his wife are buying us tickets to Sea World!

And other great things pending.

All this on the heels of some not-so-great times makes it even sweeter. Sweeter than my sister's Diet Dr. Pepper.

*To be said in Kyle Dwyer's voice, for those that know him.


Christa said...

I haven't had a Diet Dr. Pepp in months! I think it's time I stop by the store and treat myself to some artificial sweetener.

You forgot to mention the car seat for the Geeg.

Brett said...

Sea World is great for the kids, but make sure you don't go on a day when they are doing a special for LA residents. You will be waiting in line 45 minutes at the food court for overcooked spaghetti.

I highly recommend also checking out the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild animal park if you have a chance. The Zoo is one of the best in the world, but it is a hike with small kids, so I would recommend the bus tour as well.

The photo safari tours at the Wild animal park are amazing. Go at the last tour at the end of the day on a sunday for the best times. My wife and I went. The park was empty and there were only two other couples on the truck. We got to hand feed rhinos and giraffes and hear some cool stories about the park.

jmgb said...

here's to hoping my 'best day at my house in 2008' comes soon...glad your pleasuring:)

LiteralDan said...

The simultaneous slumber is nice when you can get it, that's for sure-- congratulations!