Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 2008: What We Like

Gianna, 9 months: her paci, standing up, probing orifices (orifi?) with he sharp-nailed index finger (beware of your gums when she approaches your mouth!), peas, her sister*, drinking from a cup thank-you-very-much, being awake at naptime, saying "Yayayayayayaya!" and gurgling

Stella, 2 years, 4 months: her sister ("John-Ah")*, her DAD!!!! thank-you-very-much, licking rocks, picking weeds, watching Peter Rabbit and Curious George, talking, Autumn Wheat, tacos, saying "NO!", her friends, "Abah, EEek, Mamy, Mace, Cahtah," her cousin "Camren," baby treats

Jamie, 28 years, 2 months: reading, his punching bag, talking to other men who like to talk about philosophy, tea in a green mug, preparing for law school ("Babe, I'm in it to win it!"), 30 Rock, Lost, sauerkraut, roasted chicken, New York Times over the Wall Street Journal, his Geeg, his Stell, belching in videos*

Alishia, 33 years, 3 months: sewing, looking at craft books on amazon, reading A Tale of Two Cities, sitting in Jamie's office looking out the window at her plants, drying clothes on the clothesline, virtual shopping at Barney's, whiskey sours, Scrabulous, chatting off the record, morning coff, showing off my large feet*


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allison said...

I missed Jamie's belch...

Since church on Sunday Carter has been cuddling us saying, "My Gee-yan-na," like Stella was.

I love how placid their play is in this video, with Stella asking if someone wants a snack and GeeGee babbling away.