Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yesterday Equals Frustrating, Today Equals Better

Staying home with children is a series of minor failures and victories. Sometimes they balance out in the course of a day. Sometimes they most definitely do not. Yesterday morning was a crucible of wills (is there such a thing?) that set the tone for the rest of the day--it was only seven and I was exhausted.

Stella awoke in a crabby, desperate mood. It perpetuated my mood. I was mean and impatient as I tried to ride her wave of early morning "decisions" in a period of ten minutes: get dressed, wear a dress, eat Aunumn Wheat, no Aunumn Wheat, shoes, no shoes, yogurt, "Stop IT," go outside ,ad nauseum.

I hard-boiled some eggs for an entire hour. At least. And I did a host of other annoying lame and poorly executed tasks that I am thankful I cannot recall. We were on pins and needles waiting for 10:00 to roll around so we could go invade our friends' house with our pleasant demeanors and morning breath.

This morning has already been an improvement. We had a good breakfast without travail. I cleaned up the kitchen with the use of a timer: only fifteen minutes at a time so my children don't fall into a morning of parental neglect. We all got dressed without drama and we went on a bike ride. Now Gianna is sleeping and it didn't take a magic voodoo dance to get her to bed and Stella is playing peacefully with her toys so I can record the minutiae of my days.

At least Jamie is ever-patient and always forgiving. I might have been fun and easy-going before we were married, but I'm not always a peach these days. And he doesn't always remind me of this fact.


allison said...

AMEN TO THIS! A timer is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

That Jamie sounds like a great guy. You should let him read as much as he needs to in the morning.

Sacagawea Extreme said...

Stella's crabby morning sounds like an exact replica of Juliana's mornings except replace Autumn Wheat with oatmeal.

Christa said...

I often boil eggs for an hour and I only have myself to take care of... does that mean I'm going to be a bad mother?