Monday, June 02, 2008

When We Were Honeymooners

Four and a half years ago Jamie and I got married. We went to California for the last part of our Christmas break honeymoon. We brought some traveling games along for fun: Mancala and Tangoes. We, unlike many married couples, can only handle the pressure of one another's undivided attention for a short while. So we bought these games to facilitate the large amount of time we had to spend together. (Consider this honeymooning true confessions: we bought games. What did you do?)

Next week we will be leaving for San Diego for two weeks!! We are taking our children so this will be a vacation of the family kind. Thankfully, we won't have to figure out what to do with ourselves. They'll help determine that.

For good measure I am bringing those games. I am going to do my best to get him to play some games with me. I don't think we've really played since our honeymoon. Because he hates to lose.


Lucinda said...

brother who was 14 at the time on the phone from Mazatlan Mexico (land line) Shock when that bill came at check out time. We also reported a theft to the hotel police and when they searcOn our honeymoon my husband called my little hed the room fortunatly they found the stolen items in my socks right where I had hidden them... from theives . Steve was proud of me, and still is to this day.

Lucinda said...

On our honeymoon by husband called my brother

Cindy said...

and when they searched our room...oh never mind.
This is my first blog response,
Oh and by the way kids growing up is the pitts, its not, but
it is.

jmgb said...

game on.

have fun, and takes lots o' photos of your darlings romping around mission beach. enjoy!

allison said...

Forgot to tell you that after we played at pv mall yesterday, we went into kb toys for a minute. All of their travel games (battleship, candy land, etc.) are on sale. Just in case.

kristafaye said...

On our any good wife would, I made Brian paint watercolor paintings in a moleskin journal, to recap our days. It was really lame and even though he's an artist by trade, he drew horrible pictures just to spite me.