Friday, August 15, 2008

An Anniversary

Five years ago today Jamie proposed marriage to me at a little prayer garden in Phoenix. I was so astonished that it took me thirty minutes to answer. He knelt down on the gravel on one knee and remained that way, patiently waiting, for a bit. Then he got up and sat beside me on the bench.

It wasn't your typical engagement scene. I was gushing and screaming, "Yes!" Not that I didn't want to marry him.

It was that we had only been "dating" for less than two months. It was that three months before I was all, "Whatever, James Nicholas Hanson." It was that I first changed my mind about him at his dad's funeral. How does one explain it?

All I know is that I knew that saying yes was the right thing to do. But since it all happened so quickly I was still trying to figure it all out. I wanted to let it all settle so I could enjoy the process.

Jamie was a gentlemen and told me that I didn't have to give him an answer right then. I could wait and think about it. However, how do you bring it up again later. "Yeah, about that marriage proposal..."

There was a little rock with this inscription on it sitting if front of us, "Say yes to the will of God and you will never be the same."

Of course, you know my answer.


faithsalutes said...

Uh, for some reason this made me cry.

I am so glad you said yes for you...and well for the rest of us.

jmgb said...

i love that little prayer garden.
because i said yes too.
i'm glad you were there for it:)