Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Her alphabet song:

"A B C D E F G Q R S enenenen P. Q R S C U V H I J K enenenen P."

When in a bad mood while passing the peace at church:

"I don't want peace."

Every day around 10 am in the midst of some activity:

"What are we doing tomorrow?"

Getting ready to jump into the pool:

"One, Two, Three, Nine!"

When Gigi is crying/screaming in the car:

"Gigi! You can't do that. Stop it, Gigi!"

After playing with some new friends at the playground:

"Mom, I like my frens."

At night before bed when I ask her for a kiss from my baby:

"I not a baby. I a kid!"

And while she lays in bed falling asleep she sings many versions of all the above conversations and expressions to herself. Punctuated with the refrain, "I can't do that. No, it's mine."


jmgb said...

pure sweetness and sass...

and i like the idea of an eternal alphabet. we don't sing about the letter 'p' enough if you ask me:)

Whiskey said...

That is so funny!