Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Fat Face

The thing about being tall and skinny most of your life is that when you lament the fatness of your pregnant face people are always retorting, "You're not fat."

Not that I frequently lament the fatness of my face. In fact it's only come up once in a conversation with someone other than my husband. And even to him I just started remarking about it.

I recently printed out some family photos to put in an album. There were some from last summer and the difference between my cheeks and my eye sockets between now and then is striking.

Then there is my fat feet and fingers which feel like they're going to burst by the end of the day. Then there is my stomach. Something one never considers before they are pregnant is just how much your stomach will grow and get so tight. I always tell Jamie to feel my stomach--my one pack--and notice how tight it is. I wonder if carrying an extra thirty pounds in the abdomen is as uncomfortable if it's just kinda limp and saggy?

Realizing that this might be my last pregnancy due to health concerns has made me thankful for a few things that I won't miss:

eight weeks of morning sickness, and therefore, eight lost weeks of life
fat face
fat hands
swollen feet
miniscule amounts of pee yet the raging need to go
hip pain
back pain
difficulty manuevering

These are the physical things that I remind myself will most likely be a thing of my past. I will be back to my normal, agile self and able to quickly chase after my naughty brood of small people.

For evidence of my fat face (notice the eye sockets):


February 2009


Katherine said...

reading this post was like reading from my own life. thanks for the therapy session.

faithsalutes said...

welcome to my fat faced life.

christa said...

You look more like me w/ the fat face.

cinbad said...

Were you aware Bernie was about to wrestle a poor small child to the ground "Look, behind you!"
GiGi noticed.