Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stella and Gianna: Spritely Beach Gnomes

We returned from our jaunt to the beach much refreshed and full of sand. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sand and watching the girls be industrious with the slightest of materials. They would move sand from one place to the next, make "dinner," find hermit crabs and pick them up and point out starfish. Stella loved finding "bouncy things," aka anemones, and poking them until they closed themselves up and squirted water at her.

We also went to Jamie's school, Thomas Aquinas College, and saw the inside of this beautiful chapel:

March 2009

I was never inside it long enough to take any photos of the inside, however, as we attended an eleven o'clock Mass. It was high time for crying and fidgeting. I didn't mind entirely, as I was able to hang out outside in the beautiful weather and watch Gianna play in the grass and find lady bugs. To Gianna all bugs are bees and when she spies one she says, "Bee! Bee, Mama! Bee! Bee, Mama!" She does not want to hold them, though. Do not even try.

Some of my favorite pics:

Stella found something noteworthy
March 2009

Gianna and her little tide pool
March 2009

Stella happy as a clam
March 2009

Gianna's sweet little dirty feet
March 2009


raya said...

What, you did not want to mention dinner at our house when my son wouldn't share his toys? Haha. Eventhough our times together were crazy, I did enjoy them. It was fun to have you so close for a week. Please do it again!

Stacy Barrett said...

I love them. Fun that you guys had this little getaway to enjoy each other before their new baby is born!

Tara T. McIlrath said...

I enjoyed this blog and the video. I miss those girls... and I am just in awe that they were able to keep themselves so busy without bugging you!