Friday, March 06, 2009

If You Are a Creepy Neighbor Who Wants to Steal My Stuff, Don't Read This

We're off to California for a week. Yeehaw!

Back in January Jamie got word from his alma mater, Thomas Aquinas College, that they would be dedicating a new chapel on the first Sunday of his spring break. Fortuitous! We decided to attend the celebration and stay on for a few days to make the six hour drive with children more worthwhile.

Stella has been talking about going to the beach for weeks now since we made the mistake of informing her of our plans. Gigi doesn't really know what's happening but sees all the commotion and packing and gets giddy and does innapropriate things like get ear infections and stay up all night screaming and climb/fall/tumble out of her crib. Yahoo!

Typing this out just made me realize I must pack my camera. Yipee!

(Can you tell I don't get out much?) Yowza!

But if you're a creepy neighbor or one of the many transient homeless people who lives on the fray of our neighborhood--we're here all week. Besides, you already stole a bike and my preshus bike trailer, you a-hole, so in the words of one of the storm troopers in Star Wars, "Move along, move along."

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Aimee said...

Oh man, that last paragraph had me laughing out loud! Have a wonderful trip...and I hope that I have my baby before your return. :)