Monday, March 02, 2009

Which is Worse?

The child suffering from the ill effects of an ear infection


The child wildly protesting the medicine prescribed to combat the ill effects of an ear infection?

(or the pink medicine all over your carpet and a few towels after two adults had to restrain the child so that the prescribed medicine could be partially ingested?)


Katherine Wakefield said...

they are both equally bad. we had to do that with addy. we made her drink it or sit on time out. we are so cruel. the only way she would drink it was in a mug. don't ask me why.

jmgb said...

um. child protesting. hands down.
sorry mama.

Stacy Barrett said...

Yikes. Both are major bummers.

I can sympathize, Will has had the ear infection for 2 months now ... I'm taking him to the N.D. tomorrow to see what they say. I am none too excited about starting the THIRD round of antibiotics or the subsequent trip to the ENR Specialist.

I'll let you know if I get the magic bullet from the naturopath tomorrow to erradicate the ear problem once and for all...