Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Songs Stella Sings

There is no familiar tune to which these are sung, just imagine a jaunty little jingle.

In the car:
"Jesus is glittering, glittering in my heart. And at church the priest talks about Jesus on the cross."

Recently in the backyard:
"Sunrise, sunrise come-uh-uhm outside."

This on actually has a tune. It's "Rainbow Connection":
"Songs about rainbows and songs about rainbows and songs about rain-ain-bows."

Her version of "Yellow Submarine":
"We haul away in a yellow submarine..."

Very entertaining.

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Living the Dream said...

Can't find your email address... Micah wanted me to send this link to you from Phil Buckley regarding Firwood http://firwoodcenterhouse.org/donate/

"Please pass this message on to her.I would like to have a tile made with the camp name "Dookie" in memory of Alishia's short lived original camp name. "